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Hey, now, Bird, wouldn't you rather die [entries|friends|calendar]

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BABY! [14 May 2008|11:20am]

Adeleine Sophia Freitag
May 1st, 2008
11:55 a.m
8lbs 3oz. 19.5 in
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[10 Dec 2007|01:46pm]
So, Papavier, my line of craftiness is really getting going.
I have stuff displayed and for sale at Fasten Collective in Bay View and very soon new stuff will be up at Sven's Cafe also on KK in bayview.
I also have a shop at www.Papavier.etsy.com
and i am so excited because somebody bought something this morning.
thats uplifting beause ALL i do is sit at home and make stuff.
i have no life
or MAYBE it rules.
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[15 Nov 2007|10:43am]
this pregnancy is so much more miserable than the last. thats for sure. im getting so big so fast. over the weekend while we were in new york, i didnt really look in the mirror at all. so a week passes and i look in the mirror and it looks like i doubled in size. and it sure feels like it too. So then i go to the doctor and find out i have two hernia's. don't want to operate while im pregnant but if it tuns out to be that serious they will. so now i have to be monitored by the general surgeon. I'm not even 4 months yet and i feel like im 8 months. most of the time i can start crying on command at the thought of having to go to work. but at least school ends is four weeks. i just feel so exhausted and overdone.
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[31 Oct 2007|12:36pm]
oh my goodness I am so relieved. I finally sat down and wrote my uwm essay so now its all done. and i also finished last night my ten page english MIDterm....crazy lady. which took me eight hours. what kind of midterm is ten pages of writing TYPED. good good.
happy samhain. light some candles in your window tonight.
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What?! [24 Oct 2007|12:29pm]
So i was just in the bathroom at school. and I was reading the "Bathroom Reader" on the stall weall. and it had this little paragraph supposedly about the history of haloween. I dont know what kind of research the person whp wrote this did. but this is what it said.
That halloween was derived from an ancient celtic holiday called samhain. That "The Celts" believed that with the darkness of approaching winter came "EVIL spirits" and on the night of October 31st the barrier between the evil spirit world and our world was weakest and the world was filled with evil spirits flying around so The celts built fires to scare away the evil spirits and protect themselves.
does it mantion anywhere that it was part of a religion so widely scorned and pretty much feared. mm no. nor did it have anything to do with "evil" at all. it was a celebration.
I almost ripped it off the wall and threw it away.
that isnt what happened at all. some sort of christianized americanized story of how they steal all the pagans holidays and pretend it never was.
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[06 Oct 2007|04:16pm]
pregnant bellies do NOT like 90 degrees in october. nor anytime for that matter
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umm yes?! [17 Sep 2007|12:38pm]
Last night we went to see Devendra Banhart at the pabst and it was probably like the best concert ive ever been to. he would just stand up there and chat with anyone who yelled things out. play anything anyone yelled out. at one point he says "anyone written a new song letely....ok you get up here" hands his guitar to this kid and the kid plays while devendra sneaks over to the drums. THEN his last song he invited people to get up on stage and dance with him, when devendra banhart says get on the stage and dance. you fuckin get on the stage and dance. and we did. then after we hung around till it cleared out and he came out. and I got a picture of him bending over with his hands on my belly in a congratulatory caress. and then he proceeded to ask me questions anout nany and express his excitement and joy for us while squeezing our hands. sweet sweet guy. what a night.
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[29 Aug 2007|11:19am]
So we are officially moving to our new house on friday. i have ilke no help so i dont know how this is going to go. there is me-pregnant girl who can't lift much, my brother, carrie offered to help, and jerod-so hated by gabes parents he's not allowed on their property but may jsut ahve to say fuck you i need to move my stuff. when we moved my stuff out of the apartment to the basement my dad and i did it all by ourselves and it didnt take that long. so i hope we'll eb able to do this. but if anyone wants to help my pathetic situation i woud love you forever. and id cook you a great big dinner or something!
regardless i will be so happy to sleep in a bed again!
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[24 Aug 2007|09:47am]
we discovered how fun playing in a cardboard box is! how a box makes being tickled and peeked at that much funnier. and how everything is just better in a giant box. especially when its got doors you can open and close.
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[19 Aug 2007|05:45am]
ugh i should be sleeping. my sister woke me up at 4 for me to move out of her bed to the couch so she could go to bed. but then i tried to go to sleep and was so hungry and my throat hurts. so i had cheerios and tea and watched some movie. but i still cant sleep and its almost 6. go back to sleep jessica.
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[15 Aug 2007|11:58am]
birthday!Collapse )
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oh yeah... [12 Aug 2007|08:18am]

its long, its a documentary. but i PROMISE it is worth it.
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[12 Aug 2007|08:12am]

i am apalled by government: government everywhere, there is no escape from it and it just scarily grows i cant ever add more to that

I am apalled by American Government: american government in particular and really just the whole country. just disgusted to the point that im glad i will die before we really become some science fiction reality. ahsamed to be american and never be able to change that.

I really am just apalled by Humanity itself: ashamed to be a part of the species.

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sweet! [09 Aug 2007|09:19pm]
i'm getting 7500 dollars in federal grants for this school year!
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[06 Aug 2007|07:52pm]
sore. trying to catch up on sleep from drinking and staying out until 5am. then going to work in the morning and staring at the wall for 5 hours.
actually i took one of the pillows someone had redone, put a shirt over it and curled up on the floor. satisfying
Its forrester's first birthday on wednesday! i can't believe its been a whole year. and how fucking much has happened in the last year. i may as well have been planted in somebody elses life its so different.
and well a lot of it sucks.
but theres several people i love to death.
so there. good night.
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[22 Jul 2007|10:01pm]
i got new ink yesterday!
love!Collapse )
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[16 Jul 2007|09:20pm]
im getting new ink on satuday and im so excited beacuse its probably my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. and they just keep getting bigger and bigger.

anyways im sleeping on my parents couch again and have about two people to talk to. life is fun!
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[21 Apr 2007|10:06am]
[ mood | loved ]

i am so ridiculously in love. i think i might explode.
and yesterday i got sunburned
i am soo ready for summer.

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[04 Feb 2007|10:05am]
This is sort of a strange thing to write in my journal. but its the best means of letting many people i dont regularly talk to know.

Yesterday, gabe passed away.
I'm doing alright. we all are. it's all kind of a mess right now. but i wanted to let anyone who knew him know and i will let everyone know when we know the details of a service and what not.
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[06 Jan 2007|07:58pm]
this is stupid
i've been totally burned by two of my three best friends.
now is so not the time.
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